Guys, here's the haps! Direct from the horse's talky hole!

So, yeah, after years and years on SBCglobal (which was bought a whole bunch and eventually was part of AT&T) and on Laughingsquid's servers with EatMyComix!, the time has come for me to consolidate everything into one service, and start fresh with a new domain name. After poking my brainmeats for a while trying to figure out what to call it, I finally settled on what felt most natural, and thus Yooklyde (DOT COM) was born. (In my head, I hear the DOT COM part with a loud gong ring in the background.)

Anyway, here you'll find all my old content, tucked away somewhere on the left, along with any new stuff I might decide to add at a moment's notice, on a whim. Because I'm capricious!

Right. So, this website totally sucks balls, I know. If you are a designerly internet person and want to make me a website for cookies (which I will buy and ship to you, I guess?), we can come to an arrangement. Until then, I'll keep poking at it and trying to make it suck less.

Love and kisses!